Criollo and Trinitario cacao of Colombian origin.

Use for molding, enrobing, filling, mousse, ganache, glazes, ice cream, sauces and sorbets.

Long conch time for texture and flavor.

Single origin Non-GMO.

36% Puracé Dark Milk Couverture  

A balanced mixture of soft chocolate flavors which brings out nutty flavors rounded out with milky and buttery aromas with vanilla notes that delight the palate.

53% Tayrona Semisweet Couverture

The shades of nut and vanilla complement each other with gentle notes of berry, which differentiate this semi-sweet chocolate. It is soft but complex and filled with flavors that are highlighted one after the other: cinnamon, berry, hazelnut and coffee.

59% Galeras Bittersweet Couverture

A chocolate that stands out for its balance between chocolate nutty flavors and fruity and flowery aromas. The aftertaste is similar to the soft flavor of exquisite coffee with hints of vanilla.

65% Sumapaz Bittersweet Couverture

A chocolate with a balanced taste in which fruity and flowery aromas exalt the characteristic flavor of chocolate and bitter hints emerge softly while enclosing it subtly.

70% Cocuy Extra Bitter Couverture

A chocolate with an intense flavor, distinguished by its balanced flavors and aromas of roasted nuts, red fruits, vanilla and flowers, a great bouquet to indulge the palate.

100% Los Andes Cocoa Liquor

A decadent liquor enhanced by its flowery aroma and fruity accents.