Impact on the Environment

The carbon footprint created by the production of Compañía Nacional de Chocolates S.A. chocolate is significantly smaller than that of any brand produced in Europe. By producing chocolate where the beans are actually grown, transportation, handling, and processing are reduced to an absolute minimum. Earth sustainable practices such as these are important to our planet and indirectly important to chocolate users whose customers care about earth sustainability issues.


Benefit to Cacao Growers

Compañía Nacional de Chocolates S.A. (CNCh), is committed to the cacao farmers who grow the product. Long before the market began insisting on the fair treatment of cacao growers, the farmers in Colombia were receiving a premium price for their cacao at prices well above those required by Fair Trade Certification (FTC). In addition, they even receive payment for their cacao in advance and in cash. Essentially, CNCh has and continues to treat their cacao growers more fairly than FTC requirements and does so voluntarily.


Compañía Nacional de Chocolates’ parent company Grupo Nutresa was recognized for the third straight year as one of the leading companies in corporate sustainability in the global food processing industry upon being included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, DJSI2013. A total of 2500 companies belonging to 59 different sectors from across the world participated in the 2013 assessment. Eight leading companies from the global food sector now form part of this index as a symbol of their world-class sustainability management practices. Grupo Nutresa obtained the highest score out of the entire sector in terms of human talent development, innovation management, codes of conduct and risk and crisis management. It also received an outstanding score in terms of its corporate governance. Being listed on this Index means having been recognized for handling the opportunities and risks inherent to economic, social and environmental development, as part of an overall management framework that provides added value for the company’s stakeholders.